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From: Gillian Kelly
Date: 12/02/04 16:15:28
To: Hugh
Subject: Re: {not a subscriber} Calais Lacemakers and the trade in England

Good Afternoon Hugh,

Wells family – yes and because they were one of the larger families, their
file is quite big. Over the years I’ve shared with many Wells descendants
and have quite a few stories as well as lines, but I am wondering if you don
t have them already?

There was a Wells reunion here a couple of years ago and it was written up
in our journal – I can send you a copy if you would like, and Mignon Preston
included a large part of the Wells story in her book on her four families.

I literally stumbled onto the headstone of Rebecca, born Caen 1832 in a tiny
far Western NSW cemetery – and am intrigued by the movements of the family
-marriage in le Havre de Grace in 1829, Caen 1829 – 1832, back to le Havre
1834, in Calais by 1841, then Australia in 1848 and in your case, eventualy
New Zealand…did Sarah and Thomas run away to marry?

Gillian Kelly


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