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Piece No. 2131 – Folio 303
Schedule 194, Butcher Street, Nottm St Mary
John WELLS, Hd, Md, 41, Cordwainer, b. Nottingham
Eliza WELLS, Wf, Md, 41, Shoe Binder, b. Nottingham
Ann WELLS, Dau, U, 18, Cotton Spinner, b. Nottinghamshire
John WELLS, Son, U, 16, Labourer, b. Nottingham
Eliza WELLS, Dau, U, 14, Cotton Spinner, b. Nottingham
Maryann WELLS, Dau, 11, Errand Girl, b. Nottingham
William WELLS, Son, 9, Errand Boy, b. Nottingham
Henry WELLS, Son, 7, Cotton Winder, b.Nottingham
Maria WELLS, Dau, ?7, at home, b. Nottingham
Charles SHAW, Visitor, U, 20, ?Needlemaker, b. Leicestershire

Piece No. 2131 – Folio 322/3
Schedule 47, 32 [?Island] Street, Nottm St Mary
Henry WELLS, Hd, Md, 28, [?Carrier’s Agent], b.Nottingham
[ ] WELLS, Wf, Md, 28, at home, b. Nottingham
Eliz. A WELLS, Dau, U, 3, at home, b. Nottingham

Piece No. 2131 – Folio 403
Schedule 128, 7 Plumtree Place, Nottm St Mary
Joseph WELLS, Hd, Md, 40, Frame Work Knitter, b. St Mary’s Nottm
Hannah WELLS, Wf, Md, 49, Lace Drawer, b. St Mary’s Nottm
Mary WELLS, Dau, 7, Lace Drawer, b. St Mary’s Nottm
Joseph WELLS, Son, 5, Lace Drawer, b. St Mary’s Nottm

Piece No. 2132 – Folio 83
Schedule 33, 6 Mt. East Street, Nottm St Mary
Thomas WELLS, Hd, Md, 47, Lace Maker
Harriet WELLS, Wf, Md, 45, Lace Mender
Ann WELLS, Dau, U, 21, Lace Mender
Harriet WELLS, U, 16, Lace Mender
?Sarah WELLS, 12, Lace [ ….er]
William WELLS, 9, Scholar
Henry WELLS, 6, Scholar
(all born in Nottingham)

Piece No. 2132 – Folio 141
Schedule 84, 7 Bear Court, Nottm St Mary
William REVELL, Hd, U, 36, Labourer & Bricklayer, b. Nottingham
Ann WELLS, Lodger, -, 38, Laundress, b. Notts, [looks like “Bridgford or Hucknall”)
George WELLS, Son, 8, at school, b. Nottm
+ 4 other lodgers, all different surnames

Also, at Folio 144, Schedule 108, 1 Salmon Yard =
Frederick WELLS, 10, b. Nottm, working as chimney sweep with several others in household of Elizabeth COOK, 56 year old widow.

Piece No. 2132 – Folio 306
Schedule 67, Villa Street, Nottm St Mary
Charles WELLS, Hd, Md, 49, Cert’fd Schoolmaster, Proprietor of [?Houses] & Annuitant of Land
Eliza WELLS, Wf, Md, 40, -, b. Nottingham
Marian WELLS, Dau, 13, Scholar, b. Nottingham
Ann BUXTON, Ser, 19, House Servant, b. Leics, Walton

Piece No. 2132 – Folio 386
Workhouse – Nottm St Mary
George WELLS, Pauper, U, ?17, General Labourer, b. Nottingham

Piece No. 2132 – Folio 448/9
Schedule 92, 2 Court [?Count] Street, Nottm St Mary
Joseph WELLS, Hd, W, 70, [?Linker] Maker, b. Notts, Bulwell
George HAZARD, Son in Law, Md, 37, Lace Maker, b. Nottm St Mary
John HAZARD, Son in Law, Md, 28, Lace Maker, b. Calais, British Subj.
Joseph WHITCHURCH, Son in Law, Md, 37, Lace Maker, b. St Mary Nottm
Harriet HAZARD, Dau, Md, 37, Lace Maker, b. St Mary Nottm
Alice WHITCHURCH, Dau, Md, 26, Lace Maker, b. St Mary Nottm
Ann WELLS, Dau, ?U/?W, 25, Dress Maker, b. St Mary Nottm
Jane HAZARD, Grddau, U, 16, Dress Maker, b. St Mary Nottm
Anne HAZARD, Grddau, U, 11, Lace Mender, b. St Mary Nottm
William HAZARD, Grdson, U, 6, b. Calais, British subj.
Mary Ann HAZARD, Grddau, U, 2, b. St Mary Nottm
Ellen WHITCHURCH, Grddau, U, 6, b. St Mary Nottm
Eliza WHITCHURCH, Grddau, U, 2, b. St Mary Nottm

Piece No. 2132 – Folio 578
Schedule ?, St Johns Street, Nottm St Mary
Ann WELLS, Hd, W, 68, Silk Hose Chevener, Alms House known as Bkilbie’s Hospital, b. Nottingham

Pice No. 2132 – Folio 631
Schedule 23, 3 Cherry Place, Nottm St Mary
William WELLS, Hd, Md, 58, Framework Knitter, b. Nottingham
Ann WELLS, Wf, Md, 52, -, b. Notts, Bulwell
William WELLS, Son, U, 17, Card Maker, b. Nottingham
Oliver [sic] WELLS, Dau, U, 15, Laundress, b. Nottingham
Charles WELLS, Son, 13, Card Maker, b. Nottingham
Ann UNDERWOOD, Visitor, U, 23, House Servant, b. Lancashire, Preston

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