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From: Michael/Lisa Devlyn

Date: 08/13/04 17:01:18

To: hugh@xtra.co.nz

Subject: wells family

Hi stumbled across your site. My husband is descended from Elizabeth Wells and William waters and I found your site interesting, especially the bit about the decline in Lace trade etc. Any way I have Elizabeth in my records as being the child of Walter Wells( I assume he is Thomas’ brother) and Sophie Basford not Thomas and Sarah. My information is second hand from another rellie so would like to clear it up for all our sakes. Elizabeth is mentioned as their child on the LDS site also.. I find it odd if she is Thomas’ daughter as to why their next child was called Eliza (a short version of Elizabeth)?

Hope you can shed some light – delighted to find their trade was something different!

Lisa Devlyn


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